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Translation and Interpreting Services

Interpreting involves live, in-the-moment speaking in a different language to an individual or between individuals. Translating is a precise conversion of text from one language to another. Bear MCG has the experience to provide both services in numerous languages. Contact us with your requirements and allow us be your voice.

Staffing and Consultants

Bear MCG delivers solutions for your staffing issues. We gather your specific requirements and provide you with the best talent to fulfill your needs. Our Staff Augmentation ensures minimal assimilation time to your processes and challenges while providing excellent quality and delivery. Let us work with you in identifying the skillsets you seek and bridge that gap.

Financial Coaching

We bring expertise with face-to-face counseling, individual and group coaching, and classroom style presentations. Phone-based counseling and secure video teleconferencing are offered as an adjunct to in-person counseling. Services are scalable for maximum effectiveness while curriculum design, communications, and social media messaging bring relevant industry thought leadership to our customers.

Employee Financial Education

“Personal financial management problems of workers cost American employers millions of dollars in lost productivity every year” [1]. When your employees’ financial well-being is strengthened, their productivity increases.  Let us help you implement a Financial Wellness Program that does more than simply provide information on retirement.

[1] Luther, Leech, and Garman,  The employer’s cost for the personal financial management difficulties of workers: Evidence from the US Navy (1998). Personal Finances and Worker Productivity, Vol.2, No.1, 1998

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